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to be honest....

.... it just wasn't frantic enough for me



let me just say

This is pretty much the best piece of music o've heard all year, but there is such a thing as "too short". for example the climax/drop at 2:22 was only used for 1 cycle of the melody, and it sounded so fantastic. I think it would definitely be worth extending the song to around 4:20 and having a minute extra of that fantastic melody combined with the drums, as well as the sub-melody used earlier in the song

its ur song, but i feel that the best part of it was over before i could really get into it

i would love u long time if u fixxy uppy :D

other than that 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/

-DJ Zoysa

the piano needs to sound more like a piano

not a subtractive kind of synth. give it a crisper feel, more reverb, and a bit of delay and ull be cooking

merlin responds:

They're cooking now! No worries my friend, this is a work in progress, and will be corrected in due time.


this is just as good as

ur latest 2009 stuff. Maybe even better. THIS IS A GEM!!!

Kazmo responds:

I have to agree with you there :3

buildup from 4:25

equals pure sex

hopeku responds:

haha thanks man. Glad your liked my uplift :)

epic lolz

when i read the title


take THAT ParagonX9 :)

i hope you realise

this is house

as well as basicxally all of ur 2009 "trance" songs

i still love them though :D

xKore responds:

Pretty sure this is trance dode.


does it have to be so generic?

this is like what so many newgrounds songs are based on

1: make a melody with some kind of instrument that sounds cool (usually piano)
2: recreate that same melody with a synthesizer that sounds very generic and like most other dance/hardstyle synths on newgrounds
3: use that synth combined with a couple of other uninteresting melodies that don't sound unique in any way layered over drums.

i can appreciate that this is a good song... but the dance and hardstyle genres of newgrounds have become so generic.


what's the name of Redmoon Deejay's song. I have searched everywhere on his page but can't find it :(

this is techno

not trance

georgem124 responds:

this is techno... Techno? THIS! IS! SPEEDCORE!!!!!

this is actually speedcore trance. you can tell from the various gates and stecattos.

speedcore is a relatively new genre. its basically a cross between rave, trance and hardcore.

hense why its called speedcore trance...

I have a passion for music, and it cannot be shaken off so I give into temptation and make music for the world to hear. I may not be the best out there, but I love what I do and although my songs aren't as great as some of the artists here, please enjoy!

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