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I have a passion for music, and it cannot be shaken off so I give into temptation and make music for the world to hear. I may not be the best out there, but I love what I do and although my songs aren't as great as some of the artists here, please enjoy!

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Alright so HELLO to everyone who has checked out my profile, I'm DJ Zoysa and im from australia, and I just turned 18. A while ago i had a burning passion to make music and so I checked around for good free programs and I found fl studio 7 demo. I made a few little tracks with that which are the older songs im going to upload, but then i downloaded fl 8 demo a short while ago and ive made a couple of pretty neat things. So please feel free to check em out and tell me what you think because music is my passion, hobby, and form of escapism. without it i wouldn't function, full stop.

I know my music isn't great and can't compare to what some of the other artists here are doing *cough* Bjra, xKore, Karco *cough* but i really hope to make better songs as i keep using the program, and i think what ive done so far has heart, and potential. I don't know how long it will take for people to even start listening to my music but if even one person likes it it would mean the world to me.

I love trance. Love it. So much. First trance song I listened to was 'Flutlicht - The Fall' and from then i fell in love with trance/techno, which is all i make in fl studio (apart from 2 hip hop beats i tried :P ) so expect to hear a lot of trance and techno, and by all means tell me how I can improve. with my earlier work though I know it's bad, and i know where it needs improving, so maybe for the first few I upload don't make a huge fuss over their little errors ;D

Thanks for heading to my page, and please enjoy what I have to offer! Don't be afraid to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I'm friendly ;)

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